Today’s Regulatory Mix:  FCC Fines $4.1 Million for Slamming/Cramming Violation, Minnesota Disconnection Moratorium Ending August 2, 2021


FCC finesFCC Fines $4.1 Million for Slamming/Cramming Violation 

The FCC announced that Tele Circuit Network Corporation was fined $4,145,000 for switching consumers from their preferred carrier to Tele Circuit without permission and adding unauthorized charges to consumers’ bills.  According to the announcement, a large number of consumer complaints prompted the investigation, many of which involved low-income and senior citizens. 




MN PUCMinnesota Disconnection Moratorium Ending August 2, 2021 

After ordering the suspension of service disconnections and related late fees when the COVID-19 pandemic began, the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission (Commission) released a statement that it is looking for a return to normalcy.  The Commission ordered utilities to submit transition plans ensuring that customers are made aware of energy assistance funding that is available, as well as payment assistance programs.  Utilities will be required to conduct outreach to customers by May 3, 2021 in advance of June 1, 2021, when utilities will resume sending disconnection notices.  As of August 2, 2021, companies will resume utility disconnections. 




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