Today’s Regulatory Mix: Frontier Seeks Relief from the Affordable Internet Program in New York, FCC Announces Third Quarter USF Factor

Frontier Seeks Relief from the Affordable Internet Program in New York

Frontier New York has filed a motion for a declaratory ruling with the Public Service Commission (PSC) that its digital subscriber line (DSL) service is exempt from the requirements of the recently enacted Affordable Internet Program. 

The new law requires Internet service providers operating in New York to offer $15/month high-speed Internet to low-income families.  Alternatively, Frontier seeks an exemption for its DSL service from the program.  Internet service providers with less than 20,000 subscribers may obtain an exemption if the PSC determines that compliance would result in an unreasonable or unsustainable financial impact on the provider.  Frontier’s motion is one of several that is pending before the PSC.  

FCC Announces Third Quarter USF Factor 

The FCC’s Office of Managing Director announced that the proposed universal service contribution factor for the third quarter of 2021 will be 31.8 percent.  This is a reduction from the second quarter’s high-water mark of 33.4 percent. 

June 14, 2021 is Flag Day!


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