Today’s Regulatory Mix:  Broadband Grants in South Dakota, FCC Secures Commitments from Wireless Carriers to Deliver 911 Vertical Location Information, Oregon Electric Co-ops to Provide Broadband

Broadband Grants in South Dakota 

Governor Kristi Noem (R.) announced that 18 new grants, totaling $26 million, have been awarded to fund broadband projects to better connect unserved and underserved areas across South Dakota.

The grants, together with private matching dollars, amount to $54 million with plans to connect over 5,000 households and 250 businesses. “With this next round of broadband grants, we’re continuing to connect the entire state to high-speed broadband,” Governor Noem said. “Folks in South Dakota shouldn’t have to choose between their career and the way of life in their hometown.” With this round of grants, Governor Noem’s ConnectSD Initiative will have connected  20,564 locations across the state to high-speed internet. 

Rural Broadband

FCC Secures Commitments from Wireless Carriers to Deliver 911 Vertical Location Information  

FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel announced breakthrough agreements with America’s three largest mobile phone providers to start delivering vertical location information in connection with 911 calls nationwide in the coming days. This information will help first responders quickly locate 911 callers in multistory buildings, which will reduce response times and ultimately save lives. 

“Six years is too long to wait for 911 vertical location information that can save lives,” said FCC Acting Chairwoman Rosenworcel. “These settlements accomplish what has evaded the agency for too long: they ensure that the FCC, public safety, and wireless carriers work together to immediately start delivering this information to first responders without further delay. They also ensure that we are improving our 911 location accuracy capabilities everywhere in the country and not just in the top 25 markets. This progress will advance important public safety objectives and benefit all Americans.”

Oregon Electric Co-ops to Provide Broadband 

Governor Kate Brown (D.) has signed HB 2654 into law.  The legislation authorizes electric cooperatives to use, or allow for use, electric easements for broadband services.  The new law also provides a process for property owners to bring actions for damages if the use in provisioning broadband services results in expanded use of the easement. 


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