Today’s Regulatory Mix: California 2021 Broadband Data Collection Deadline Delayed,  FCC Seeks Comment on Mid-Band Spectrum Auction, Wisconsin PSC Awards $28.4 Million in Broadband Expansion Grants


220px-Brownofficebuilding_(1)California 2021 Broadband Data Collection Deadline Delayed 

Based on feedback from Broadband providers and the difficulties many are experiencing in using the required 2020 Census Blocks, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has pushed their Broadband Data Collection due date to June 1st. The extension was offered to Broadband Providers. Staff has confirmed to Inteserra the extension does NOT apply to the Voice Data Request. As of the date of this Briefing, the Voice Data Request remains due April 1st.

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FCC front view-1-1FCC Seeks Comment on Mid-Band Spectrum Auction  

The Federal Communications Commission adopted a Public Notice seeking comment on procedures for the auction of 100 megahertz of mid-band spectrum in the 3.45–3.55 GHz band that can be used to facilitate 5G deployment across the contiguous United States. Bidding in Auction 110 is expected to begin in early October 2021. 



broadband shutterstock_542814394-1Wisconsin PSC Awards $28.4 Million in Broadband Expansion Grants 

The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC) announced the second round of recipients for the state’s Broadband Expansion Grant Program. The PSC awarded $28.4 million for 58 projects to expand high-speed broadband internet access to unserved and underserved locations in 44 counties.   




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