Today’s Regulatory Mix: CenturyLink Denied on Request to Change Minnesota Landline Service Quality Rules, Ohio Orders ETCs to Submit Affidavit Regarding Federal Support Executive Summary 

CenturyLink Denied on Request to Change Minnesota Landline Service Quality Rules 

CenturyLink  petitioned the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission to reconsider two key service quality indicators. CenturyLink sought to remove or revise the rules concerning answer time and service interruption restoration. The carrier argued that key
landline service quality rules were causing the carrier to prioritize landline customers, which are declining in numbers, over broadband customers. Calling it contrary to the state’s statutory goals on broadband access. The Commission disagreed with CenturyLink citing “no compelling reason” to open a rulemaking or eliminate the rules. 

Although they agreed that landlines were in decline, the Commission argued that such customers often are unable to get broadband and still depend on quality service in a timely manner to retain access to basic communications services. The carrier’s arguments on
the cost of compliance impinging on providing broadband were not quantified, nor did the Commission feel that providing adequate landline service quality was a barrier to broadband access. The Commission denied the petition





Ohio Orders ETCs to Submit Affidavit Regarding Federal Support Executive Summary 

The Ohio Public Utilities Commission (PUC) has ordered each high-cost Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) that wishes to continue to receive federal high-cost support must attest to their use of high-cost funding. The affidavit must certify that federal high-cost support is being used in accordance with 47 U.S.C. 254(e). A completed and notarized copy of the affidavit form provided in
the Order must be filed with the PUC no later than September 1, 2021. 

To comply with the FCC’s certification requirements and consistent with Ohio Adm. Code 4901:1-6-09(C), carriers that presently receive federal universal service high-cost funding in Ohio are required to confirm the funding is used appropriately.  Inteserra Briefing Service subscribers see Briefing dated 8/12/21 




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