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Marking the 20th Anniversary of the Telecommunications Act, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler spoke about the Act at the Library of Congress and said, in part:

“Here’s the bottom line: In the past 20 years, we’ve gone from flip phones to fitbits, from VHS to HBONow. Looking down the road, we cannot predict what the new digital networks will deliver next. We are no more prescient about what’s next than were those leaders 20 years ago. We are assembling a jigsaw without benefit of the picture on the top on the top of the box.  

But we do have a set of instructions. Those of us following the instructions of the Telecom Act can – and must – encourage whatever that “next” is through good old American competition. We can – and must – enable whatever is “next” with new spectrum – including spectrum to assure American leadership in 5G. And those of us with responsibility today can – and must – harness the wisdom and the instructions in the Telecom Act of 1996 to put consumers first.”


The Department Of Telecommunications and Cable will hold a telephonic case status conference (inmate calling rates) on Monday, February 29, 2016 at 2:00 PM (EST) to discuss the effect the recent order in the FCC’s proceeding In the Matter of Rates for Inmate Calling Services has on the scope of its proceeding, as detailed in the Department’s January 22, 2016, Notice. The Department will email the Parties the dial-in information for the call bridge once those details have been confirmed. TMI Briefing Service subscribers see Briefing dated 2/2/16.



The Michigan Agency for Energy (MAE) said it has asked its attorneys to review the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling staying the federal Clean Power Plan rule. The rule limits carbon emissions from existing power plants. Once that review is complete, MAE will announce how the state will proceed with state carbon rule plan activities. MAE also unveiled a new carbon rule website where people can learn about the state’s carbon plan development process, et al.


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