Today’s Regulatory Mix: California Adopts New Resiliency Rules for Wireline Providers, Commissioner Carr Calls for Big-Tech to Pay Fair Share, FCC to Hold Showcase for Open Radio Access Network Solutions on June 29th

California Adopts New Resiliency Rules for Wireline Providers

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) adopted new resiliency rules for facilities-based wireline telecommunications providers, including interconnected VoIP providers, (Wireline Providers) to help ensure access to vital communications during natural disasters and power outages.  Inteserra Briefing Service subscribers see Briefing dated 5/24/21 .

Commissioner Carr Calls for Big-Tech to Pay Fair Share

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr authored an op-ed appearing in Newsweek proposing that Big Tech pay its fair share to help fund the Universal Service Fund (USF).  The FCC’s current model for funding Internet buildout and ensuring affordable access is via the USF.  The USF is funded by a charge on consumers’ monthly bills for traditional telephone services.  The contribution factor has climbed above 30 percent as policymakers consider reforms to keep USF from collapsing. Commissioner Carr asserts this needs to change: “Big Tech has been enjoying a free ride on our Internet infrastructure while skipping out on the billions of dollars in costs needed to maintain and build that network. Indeed, one study shows that the online streaming services provided by just five companies—Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Microsoft—account for a whopping 75 percent of all traffic on rural broadband networks. The same study shows that 77-94 percent of total network costs are related to adding capacity or otherwise supporting the delivery of those streaming services. Ordinary Americans, not Big Tech, have been footing the bill for those costs. “Ending this corporate welfare is more than fair. It is consistent with the network compact that has prevailed since the earliest days of the Ma Bell telephone network. Historically, the businesses that derived the greatest benefit from a communications network paid the lion’s share of the costs. “Congress and the FCC should ensure that Big Tech starts abiding by that precedent and contributing an equitable amount. Doing so would put the federal government’s universal service efforts on table footing.” 

FCC to Hold Showcase for Open Radio Access Network Solutions on June 29th

The FCC announced that it will host an Open RAN Solutions Showcase by webcast on Tuesday, June 29, 2021. Fixed and mobile network operators will hear directly from vendors whose interoperable, open interface, standards-based 5G network equipment and services will soon be available for purchase. “Open RAN can help drive 5G security, innovation and vendor diversity in the United States,” explained Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. “This Showcase is an opportunity to jump-start U.S. innovation in this critical technology and to build on our strengths in network infrastructure and software. By making information about Open RAN more readily available and by connecting the various stakeholders invested in this technology, we are making sure companies can continue to innovate and we are encouraging network operators to invest in network security. If we do these things right, we have an opportunity to build a bigger market for more secure 5G equipment.” 

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