Today’s Regulatory Mix: FCC Lifeline Report Released, U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Take Up Appeal of FCC on Small Cells Order



FCC Lifeline Report Released

The Wireline Competition Bureau (Bureau) released a report summarizing the state of the Lifeline marketplace. It identifies areas the FCC may consider “regarding the continued transition of the Lifeline program from a program that primarily supports Lifeline voice services to one with a greater focus on supporting Lifeline broadband Internet access service.”  Finally, the report makes recommendations to ensure the program’s continued availability to assist low-income Americans have access to affordable communications services. 

inroll Broadband/Lifeline Subscription Management



U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Take Up Appeal of FCC on Small Cells Order 

The U.S. Supreme Court declined to take up an appeal of the FCC’s small cells order sought by 30 cities, 5 counties, and the National League of Cities, in City of Portland, et al. v. FCC.  The FCC’s 2018 small cells order limits fees that localities can charge wireless providers for equipment to be sited within a public right-of-way and sets timetables for making decisions on permits. Petitioners argued that the FCC’s order was federal overreach, which was rejected by the Ninth Circuit last August. 


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