Today’s Regulatory Mix: Kansas Lifeline Service Program Extensions, WISPA Urges the FCC to Use County-sized Areas for Auction of 3.4 GHz Spectrum


float_deviceKansas Lifeline Service Program Extensions 

The Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) issued an order waiving and extending certain Kansas Lifeline Service Program (KLSP) requirements, including re-certification and de-enrollment rules until June 30, coinciding with recent actions taken by the FCC.  Also, instead of requiring consumers to present documentation demonstrating three consecutive months of income to qualify for benefits under the KLSP, customers may submit an official document, including unemployment benefits. Additionally, the waiver of the Lifeline usage requirement is extended to May 1, 2021. 

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FINAL_WISPA_LOGOWISPA Urges the FCC to Use County-sized Areas for Auction of 3.45 GHz Spectrum 

In an ex parte filed on March 5, 2021, representatives of the Wireless Internet Service Providers Association (WISPA), proposed that “Using county-based licenses for the upper 40-megahertz will promote greater participation in the auction by smaller providers interested in obtaining licensed mid-band spectrum for rural coverage. The WISPA representatives explained that the results of the recent C-band auction demonstrate that PEA-sized license areas effectively deterred participation by smaller providers that do not want to acquire large, multi-county areas to serve one or two rural counties. The C-band auction, which auctioned PEAs, attracted only 57 qualified bidders and 21 winners. By contrast, the recent CBRS PAL auction, which auctioned counties, attracted 271 qualified bidders and 228 winning bidders, a number of which are WISPA members, utilities, cable companies, and a diverse group of other industries.” 


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