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          Form 481

The FCC adopted a revised Protective Order governing the filing of and access to FCC Form 481 financial information filed by privately held rate-of-return carriers.  The Protective Order is substantially similar to the one issued in 2015, but streamlines the procedures for submitting filings with the FCC – thereby significantly reducing burden on filers.  Privately held rate-of-return ETCs who wish to file confidentially any portion of FCC Form 481 should file one copy of the confidential (unredacted) version of the form with the Office of the FCC’s Secretary and file a redacted version of the form, including any and all attachments, through the FCC’s electronic comment filing system (ECFS). Filers are no longer required to, and should not, submit two courtesy copies of the confidential (unredacted) version of the form with the Bureau. The new Protective Order also reduces the number of dockets into which submitting parties must file information.

           National Library Week

In honor of National Library Week, the FCC will hold an Open House on April 12, 2016, to showcase how local, state, federal, and academic libraries use electronic or digital content to provide 24/7 cyberspace access for a wide array of personal use devices.  Manufacturers and vendors are invited to participate in this event. Of particular interest are smart phones, eBook readers, tablets, technology kiosks, and library-specific application solutions. For consideration and further information contact the FCC Library at or call 202-418-0450.



The Regulatory Commission of Alaska has proposed rule amendments that would require interconnected VoIP providers to contribute to the Alaska Universal Service Fund (AUSF).  Interconnected VoIP would be defined by reference to the FCC’s rules.  Comments on the proposed rule changes are due by April 20, 2016; reply comments are due May 11, 2016. Subscribers to TMI Briefing Service, see Briefing dated 3/22/16.


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