Today’s Regulatory Mix: FCC Proposed Rulemaking Supporting IP-based TRS, FCC Opens Consumer Broadband Reporting Site, North Carolina Agrees VoIP Not Subject to Commission’s Jurisdiction for ETC


2020 FCC SealFCC Proposed Rulemaking Supporting IP-based TRS 

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC)seeks comment to its proposed contribution rules associated with the federal Telecommunications Relay Service (TRS) Fund. The FCC is proposing to expand the TRS Fund contribution base for video relay service (VRS) and Internet Protocol Relay Service (IP Relay) so that providers of intrastate voice communications would contribute to the TRS Fund for the support of these services. Comments are due April 19, 2021 and reply comments May 3, 2021. Inteserra Briefing Service subscribers see Briefing dated 3/22/21


FCC Entrance Feb 2020 ShutterstockFCC Opens Consumer Broadband Reporting Site 

As part of its Broadband Data Collection program, the FCC announced the opening of a new webpage,, under which Consumers can directly report broadband availability and service quality.  Consumer feedback is one of the tools being used to enhance the accuracy of existing broadband maps.  “Collecting data from consumers who are directly affected by the lack of access to broadband will help inform the FCC’s mapping efforts and future decisions about where service is needed,” explained Acting FCC Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel. 


c--users-jennifer-desktop-ncNorth Carolina Agrees VoIP Not Subject to Commission’s Jurisdiction for ETC 

The North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC or Commission) agrees that Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service providers are not subject to the Commission’s jurisdiction. The NCUC confirms the FCC is the more appropriate venue for such providers to seek an Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) designation. Inteserra Briefing Service subscribers see Briefing dated 3/19/21. 



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