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The FCC granted the request of the Telecommunications Regulatory Board of Puerto Rico (Board) to participate in the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD). Lifeline ETCs in Puerto Rico have until January 15, 2016, to load into the NLAD all records associated with households currently subscribing to Lifeline within Puerto Rico. The Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) was directed to work with the Board and ETCs to ensure successful integration of the Puerto Rican ETC Lifeline subscriber data into NLAD. (In 2013, the Board opted-out of the NLAD, but subsequently reconsidered its decision and requested that it be allowed to participate in the NLAD.)



New York


In March 2015 the NANPA filed a petition with the PSC asking it to approve an all-services distributed overlay for relief for the 212/646 area code overlay established in 1997. The 212/646 overlay serves the borough of Manhattan, and NANPA indicates that it will deplete its supply of assignable telephone numbers in 2018. Because an overlay already exists, the only course of action available to the PSC to address the pending exhaustion of assignable numbers is to create an additional overlay area code. (A geographic split is not an option.) The PSC is scheduled to take up the matter at its November 19, 2015, session. A nine-month implementation schedule has been recommended.


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