FCC status of local competition reportAs promised in yesterday’s blog , Part 2 of our 3 part series regarding the FCC’s report on local competition focuses on Interconnected VoIP.


FCC Form 477 identifies three types of information about retail interconnected VoIP service:



  1. Interconnected VoIP service subscriptions sold to broadband Internet access service customers (broadband bundle subscriptions) and all other interconnected VoIP subscriptions sold (standalone subscriptions).
  2. Whether or not interconnected VoIP subscriptions include, as a service feature, nomadic functionality (i.e., the capability to use the service over any broadband connection to which the customer has access, e.g., at a hotel or vacation residence).
  3. The different broadband technologies (e.g., cable modem Internet access service) in the broadband bundle.


The Form 477 data cross-classify the first two of these three sets of information as follows:


FCC local competition VoIP



Form 477 collects the third type of information about retail interconnected VoIP service – the
technology of the Internet access connection – for broadband bundles but not for standalone interconnected VoIP.


FCC local competition technoglogy VoIP




Watch for Part 3 – Technology of Retail Switched Access Lines tomorrow.



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