Are you Compliant?

Jurisdictions employ the use of auditors to monitor taxpayer compliance with the sales and use tax laws. The primary function of the auditor is to determine whether the taxpayer is appropriately registered and is calculating the sales or use tax accurately on each sale or purchase transaction.

A variety of potential "triggers" in tax returns tend to raise questions and attract unwanted attention from jurisdictions

  • Invoices to Clients
    • If you didn't charge your client sales tax on a transaction(s), and they get audited, you expose yourself to a potential audit as well.
  • Abundant Internet Sales
    • If you sell communications services online, particularly in the same state where you have a physical location, you should collect sales tax
  • Industry Practice
    • If an auditor begins to see a pattern of tax violations among your competitors, particularly in a complex tax environment like Communications Tax, you could be next.
  • Random Bad Luck
    • There is no guarantee that you won’t be audited- even if you took every proactive step to protect your business. Every state agency has its own process for selecting companies at random. If your name comes up, you’ll be getting audited.

Don't face the audit Goliath alone

Audits are intrusive and can be challenging to manage. You are required to supply a variety, and sometimes a significant volume, of documentation to the jurisdiction under audit.

Even in the best case scenario, you’ll lose incredible amounts of productivity cooperating with state authorities who have an unbelievably frustrating eye for detail. In the worst case scenario, you’ll end up with a huge bill you weren’t expecting.

Tax Audits. Done.

We monitor tax changes and diligently maintain complex communications tax and regulatory forms across all U.S. jurisdictions so you have peace of mind.

We maintain and prepare a host of regulatory and compliance documents required during audits, and if requested, the ability to manage the entire audit process for you. Never worry about an audit again.

Managed Communications Tax as a Service

Finally - a trusted partner for managing all your compliance obligations

What's the best way to tackle Communications Tax for your business?

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