Partner Program

FAStek Partners truly become an extension of the FAStek ecosystem. As part of our team, you will have unique access to a diverse set of resources, experts, and support. This makes your value proposition to your clients and end-users unique in that you are a “true advocate” for them. Partnering with FAStek allows you to give the best options to your customers while partnering with only one provider…. You!


Why Partner with FAStek?

No one operates like we do - here is what sets us apart:

Leader in Regulatory and Tax Compliance

Expansion of Your Turnkey Solution       

Increased Market Reach through Mutual Referrals       

Improved Brand Awareness through Joint Marketing       

Improved Customer Performance by Leveraging Integrate Solution     

Quicker Speed to Market through Market Entry Solutions

Partner Referral Program

Partner and FAStek share leads and potentially execute joint selling. FAStek and/or Partner may drive engagement.  

Co-Branded Reseller Program

Partner owns the account and drives the sale of FAStek services. FAStek may participate in the sales process.

Who Do We Partner With?

VoIP and UCaaS Wholesalers

MSP Wholesalers

Telecom Billing Providers

Wireless Billing Providers

Our Current Partners

Strategic Billing Partners

FAStek teams up with the industry’s best Billing Providers to provide integrated relationships to deliver State-of-the-Art technology to drive the success of your key initiatives. 

VoIP, UCaas, and MSP Partners

FAStek partners with telecom solution providers to deliver all the necessary regulatory and tax compliance deliverables to allow providers to focus on their business and customers.

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

  • Schedule a Meeting to Review Programs
  • Choose a Program to Move Forward With
  • Start the Program – Our streamlined onboarding program is easy, allowing us to begin promoting our solution immediately.