Tax Permits mean filing obligations

Once tax permits are obtained, you have an obligation to start filing tax. Preparing and filing Communications Tax each month is a deadline-driven, time-sensitive process that repeats itself every month.

Complex, overwhelming, and prone to error

Each state has its own set of rules and regulations that may differ from other states. In addition to state rules, cities and counties may impose and manage sales and use tax returns on their own. Responsibility lies with the business to not only determine if they have to file with specific cities and counties, but also to register of their own accord.

Managing permits, tax filing, and remittance of returns is difficult. The five main pain points are:

  • Filing local returns
    • Each state has its own set of rules and regulations- there isn’t a universal standard.
  • Tracking due dates and filing schedules
    • Not all returns are due on the same day of the month. When dealing with multiple states and local jurisdictions, the number of due dates and filing schedules that must be managed is overwhelming.
  • Managing different payment methods
    • Payment methods differ from state to state.
  • Adjusting to changing filing methods
    • Filing methods can vary as much as payment methods- its not a one size fits all.
  • Notice management
    • Just when you think you’re done, a jurisdiction sends you a notice- either because you made an error or they did.

Efficient. Effective. Accurate.

With our Return Preparation & Filing Service, we do it all.


Data review and validation


Return preparation and review


Return submission (paper, Internet or EDI)


Payment remittance (check or electronic funds transfer)

notice prevention

Notice prevention


GL reconciliation


Standard and custom reports


Ad hoc guidance, consulting, and support as needed

Filing taxes made easy.

Sleep easy knowing there isn’t a tax ambush around the corner.

  • Gain control of difficult processes
  • Reduce and share audit exposure and risk
  • Focus on activities that add real value
  • Reduce capital expenses for back room tasks
  • Reduce operating expenses

Managed Communications Tax as a Service

Finally - a trusted partner for managing all your compliance obligations

What's the best way to tackle Communications Tax for your business?

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