White Space Spectrum AdministratorsWhen we posted our original blog 5/23/13 regarding TV White Space, only Spectrum Bridge and Telcordia had been approved by the FCC as database Administrators.

 Now Google has completed the FCC’s 45-day testing period and has been approved to operate a database that allows TV White Space Spectrum to be used for a variety of purposes, including broadband access to schools in rural areas, campus networks, and home networks to support real time streaming video applications.

As the FCC continues its efforts to free up spectrum for wireless carriers, we will keep you updated about any developments. There are approximately 10 more companies pending approval by the FCC as database Administrators, including Microsoft.

Links to the following documents provide additional information: FCC rules, FCC Compliance Guide and the March 2013 Public Notice Authorizing the Database administrators to Provide Service




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