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CenturyLink Companies, Commission Staff, and Public Counsel have jointly filed a Settlement Agreement with the Utilities & Transportation Commission which, if accepted, would establish an alternative form of regulation (AFOR) for CenturyLink. Pursuant to the Agreement CenturyLink would be treated as if it were competitively classified. The terms of the AFOR would remain in effect for seven years unless extended or modified by Commission order.


The Commission would retain its authority to regulate CenturyLink’s wholesale obligations under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and existing carrier-to-carrier service quality requirements.


CenturyLink would continue to tariff the following services: a)  Exchange Areas, Local Calling Areas, and Maps, b) Washington Telephone Assistance Program, c) Lifeline/Link-up Programs, d) 911 & E-911, e) Interconnection Services, f) Resale Services, g) Switched Access Services, and h) Wholesale Services.


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