TMI regulatory consulting on FCC form 555

In The Regulatory Mix dated 9/10/13, we posted an item regarding the FCC seeking comment on proposed revisions to the Annual Lifeline Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) Certification Form, FCC Form 555, and accompanying instructions. (Comments on the proposed changes are due October 7, 2013). Because we thought you could use more detailed information, we have posted additional details for you here. 


ETCs use FCC form 555 to provide the results of their subscriber recertification process, results of de-enrollments from non-usage, and the required annual Lifeline program ETC officer certifications. ETCs must file the revised FCC Form 555 by January 31, 2014.


The proposed revisions to the FCC Form 555 include the following modifications:

  • Administrative and stylistic changes were made for clarification purposes without changing the substance;
  • Section 2 is revised to require ETCs to report the number of subscribers claimed on their February FCC Form 497 for the current FCC Form 555 calendar year that were initially enrolled during that calendar year (e.g., subscribers claimed on the February 2013 Form 497 that were originally enrolled in 2013).
  • Section 3 was revised to require ETCs to report the percentage of de-enrolled subscribers;
  • Section 4 was revised to require ETCs to identify whether it is subject to the requirement to de-enroll subscribers for non-usage in compliance with §54.407 of the FCC’s rules.


Anyone interested in filing comments may file via the Commission’s Electronic Comment Filing System (ECFS) on or before the due date 10/7/13.



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