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The Regulatory Mix, TMI’s daily blog of regulatory activities, is a snapshot of PUC, FCC, legislative, and occasionally court, issues that our regulatory monitoring team uncovers each day. Depending on their significance, some items may be the subject of a TMI Regulatory Bulletin.






The Public Service Board has established a procedural schedule in the review of a Wholesale Performance Plan Stipulation and Settlement Agreement (WPP) filed by FairPoint and the CLEC Parties. In a Joint Motion filed by the parties they state that they have resolved all but three issues. For these three issues — (1) the terms and penalties for late or inaccurate monthly reports, (2) change of law provisions, and (3) commercial contract provisions that waive WPP bill credits — the parties proposed a briefing schedule for resolution. The Board-approved schedule calls for initial briefs to be filed on November 8, 2013, and reply briefs on November 26, 2013.



The Utilities and Transportation Commission will examine issues arising from the evolution of existing circuit-switched telecommunications network technologies to VoIP and IP platforms. They will consider how companies will obtain or provide telephone numbering, interconnection and interoperability, consumer protection, and quality of service. The Commission seeks input on any national or Washington-specific plans to address these issues, the status of federal regulatory proceedings involving VoIP and IP services, and the potential implications of such services for the Commission’s regulation of telecommunications companies and services in Washington. The Commission will conduct a workshop to discuss the implications of the VoIP and IP services in Washington on Tuesday, November 12, 2013. TMI is monitoring this proceeding. 


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