Scope of Service


Competitive Local Exchange Service Provider (CLEC)*


Non-CLEC Service Provider **(IXC, Wireless, VoIP)





FCC Compliance $500 per month $500 per month 2023 Shipping charges
$11.00 per overnight package
$2.00 per US Mail package
Copy/Scan Cost - $0.12 per page
Transactional Tax with Compliance $225 per month per state $200 per month per state
Transactional Tax Compliance $150 per month per state $150 per month per state
State Regulatory Compliance $75 per month per state $50 per month state
SOS Compliance*** $10 per month per state $10 per month per state
ETC Additive $100 per jurisdiction per month $100 per jurisdiction per month


New Client Implementation Fee $2,500 $2,500
Services not included in standard compliance pricing






The Compliance Reporting Services do not include reports which are filed on a one-time basis (e.g., a data request) or based on an occurrence (e.g., a cable cut, network outage or other one-time, exceptional occurrence which requires a filing with the appropriate regulatory body). The Compliance Reporting Services also do not include initial certification, registration, or Secretary of State qualifications; tariff filings; notification of address or officer changes. Inteserra may provide a "reminder" service for certain filings not covered by the Compliance Reporting Services.  Inclusion of any such filings on the reminder service shall not obligate Inteserra to actually file those documents.



Usage-based Services















The Monthly or Annual Flat Fees above do not cover usage-based services performed by Inteserra involving analysis or consulting services.
Examples of usage-based services include, but are not limited to:
- Validation and update of CPNI plan;
- Consulting services related to the evaluation, review, or audit of Client’s regulatory allocation of billing line items for reporting;
- Traffic studies developed for revenue allocations;
- Non-standard data input, including manipulation and import of client data, either manually or programmatically, into the Inteserra Operations Statistics Import Worksheet and other extraordinary data handling requirements unique to a particular client;
- Preparation of non-routine confidential filings;
- Processing of broadband census tract location data (e.g. for FCC Form 477 or BDC reports);
- Preparation of Client-requested analyses and/or summaries of regulatory assessments;
- Assistance with audits and regulatory investigations, including USAC inquiries;
- Preparation of reports not covered by the Compliance Reporting Services, including reports due before the Effective Date and Secretary of State filings other than annual reports; and Client or Agency-initiated revisions to previously filed reports.
- Usage-based services are billed at the then-current Inteserra hourly consulting rates, published flat fee schedule, or negotiated rate.


* - CLEC pricing will apply if the service provider has CLEC Certification as well as any other services provided within the same state.
** - Reduced price available for  VoIP state regulatory compliance when combined with transactional tax compliance.
*** -  SOS reporting is not offered in AL, MD, OH, SC or TX. These states require income tax or similar filings.