Trac-It: An Interactive Regulatory Compliance Calendar

At last, a web-based interactive regulatory calendar designed to assist your organization with tracking the numerous deadlines and key dates you need to know.

Track regulatory deadlines & Federal obligations

It is more important than ever to manage today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape. Stay up-to-date with state and federal obligations including deadlines in a month/week/agenda view.

Inteserra’s regulatory experts monitor the requirements and populate the calendar for you. Our proprietary software allows you to assign tasks to internal team members and/or to an assigned Inteserra associate who can prepare any required filings for you.  Automated push notifications ensure that you don’t miss important updates and tracking tools enable you to monitor the status and completion of assigned tasks.



Trac-it Features

  • Customized push alerts
  • Add your own internal calendar invites
  • Assign specific calendar entries to your entire team or a specific member
  • Manage critical role policy updates through Inteserra's monitoring team

Stay up to date with state and federal obligations, including deadlines, with our important informational tools

  • Regulatory Monitoring and Briefing Service for the latest updates
  • Telecom Regulatory and Briefing Service for the latest updates
  • VoIP PRO includes regulations and details on contribution amounts that apply to VoIP providers
  • Tariff Filing Intervals Guide includes customer notice requirements, time frames, and methods of implementation

Compliance is hard; we make it easy. But don't take our word for it.

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Managed Compliance as a Service

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