Today’s Regulatory Mix: FCC Identifies Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Service Providers, Vermont Extends Moratorium on Landline Disconnects


FCC Entrance Feb 2020 Shutterstock-1FCC Identifies Emergency Broadband Benefit Program Service Providers  

The FCC issued a press release identifying 319 internet service providers that have been accepted into the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program (EBBP) thus far. The EBBP is a $3.2 billion program designed to lower the cost of high-speed internet service for those struggling to afford broadband during the ongoing pandemic.  The provider list, by state, is here


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648415-Vermont-State-CapitolVermont Extends Moratorium on Landline Disconnects 

The Vermont Public Utility Commission (Commission) announced a moratorium extending the state’s regulated utilities from disconnecting utility services for nonpayment of services, including landline telephone, through May 31, 2021.  The move is to help those suffering from the ongoing economic impact of the pandemic.  However, the Commission stressed the importance of customers working out reasonable payment plans with utilities to help avoid building up unmanageable balances or being disconnected when the moratorium ends. 


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