Today’s Regulatory Mix: DOJ Drops Challenge to California’s Net Neutrality Rules, PG&E Sells Its License Agreements


doj-reversal-2011-decision-696x290DOJ Drops Challenge to California’s Net Neutrality Rules 

On Monday, the Justice Department dropped its 2018 lawsuit challenging California’s state net neutrality rules. The litigation was initiated when California adopted its own net neutrality rules following the FCC’s 2017 repeal of federal regulations prohibiting internet service providers from speed throttling, site and app blocking, and paid fast lanes.  

rosenworcel-bio-page-09122018FCC Acting Chairwoman Jessica Rosenworcel stated, “I am pleased that the Department of Justice has withdrawn this lawsuit. When the FCC, over my objection, rolled back its net neutrality policies, states like California sought to fill the void with their own laws. By taking this step, Washington is listening to the American people, who overwhelmingly support an open internet, and is charting a course to once again make net neutrality the law of the land.” 

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TRS from shutterstock-1PG&E Sells Its License Agreements 

in an effort to bolster revenues after emerging from Chapter 11 bankruptcy,  Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced an agreement with SBA Communications Corporation (SBA).  PG&E will sell its license agreements with wireless providers that attach equipment to PG&E’s electric transmission towers and utility structures to a wholly owned subsidiary of SBA.  The SBA subsidiary will continue to market and sublicense access to the towers and structures to wireless providers; PG&E will receive a portion of that future revenue.  The sale of these licenses, involving over 700 towers, is expected to generate approximately $973 million in initial proceeds.  


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