Today’s Regulatory Mix: Arkansas Bill Would Cap Inmate Calls, Maryland to Establish New State Broadband Office, West Virginia Broadband Bill Advances


Arkansas Capital-1Arkansas Bill Would Cap Inmate Calls 

SB 550, which limits the rates and fees imposed on inmate telephone calls, has been forwarded to Governor Asa Hutchinson for signature.  The bill would cap the per minute charge for intrastate inmate calls to the higher of 30 cents or the maximum per minute cost of an interstate inmate telephone call as determined by the FCC as of Jan. 1, 2021. 



MDstatehouseAnnapolisMaryland to Establish New State Broadband Office 

The Office of Statewide Broadband (OSB) will be created as the successor to the Office of Rural Broadband with the passage of SB 66.  The OSB, granted broader authority and responsibilities that its predecessor, is charged with assisting to develop a broadband plan that brings reliable, high-quality Internet service to all residents of the state at affordable prices.   



WV Cap Bldg shutterstock_1142298179West Virginia Broadband Bill Advances 

The West Virginia Senate passed House Bill 2002 that creates a framework to expand broadband throughout the state.  It now awaits the signature of Governor Jim Justice.  Among other things, the bill expedites the permit process for internet service providers and improves regulations that allow multiple internet service providers to install fiber broadband at the same time without digging multiple trenches.  An Office of Broadband shall be responsible for mapping broadband services in the state, gathering data, appropriating funding, and exploring ways to expand Internet access.   



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