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Rural Call Completion

The FCC announced that it entered into a Consent Decree to resolve an investigation into whether inContact, Inc., violated its rural call completion rules by failing to ensure that its intermediate providers were performing adequately in delivering service to a consumer in a rural OCN.  inContact, a long distance carrier and provider of call center-related services, provides cloud-based application services for contact center call management.  It operates a communications network that allows its customers the option of using company provisioned communications (either a dedicated connection or through the PSTN using inContact’s wholesale long distance provider) to route calls to and from its platform.  After investigating an informal consumer complaint, the FCC’s Enforcement Bureau found that, over a period of many months in 2015, inContact failed to ensure that its calls were reliably delivered to the consumer.  Moreover, inContact filed a deficient response to the consumer’s informal complaint and, at least initially, was uncooperative with the Bureau’s investigation.  As part of the settlement, inContact admitted to violating the FCC’s rural call completion rules and will pay a civil penalty of $100,000 and implement a compliance plan, including periodic reporting. 


SADC (aka Business Data Services Data Collection)

The FCC released another list of additional parties that have signed an acknowledgement of confidentiality (AOC) and that seek to review the data gathered through the FCC’s special access data collection (SADC).  The list includes persons that signed an AOC since the FCC’s last Public Notice.  Companies that submitted confidential or highly confidential information in response to the SADC have until May 17, 2016, to object to the disclosure of their data and information to any of the parties on the list.


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