Finally, a holistic compliance solution for Communications Tax

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We are excited to announce the merger of Telecom Professionals, Inc. and FAS Tek Compliance under one brand – FAStek. This is an important milestone for our organization and one that will strengthen our position as the leading nationwide Communications Tax and Regulatory solution provider through technology and resource synergies. Historically, communications businesses were forced…

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Sales Tax Nexus: A Simplified Guide

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What is a sales tax nexus? A sales tax nexus is a connection between your business and a state that requires you to register for, collect, and remit sales tax. “Nexus” is simply a legal term to describe the substantial connection between your business and a state. If your business does not have a nexus…

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Communications Tax: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Communications tax is assessed on various products and services that technology companies provide Historically, only telecom companies that offered voice services had been subject to the tax. Today, the reach of telecom taxes has expanded to include all types of communication protocols. As technology’s role continues to increase, more and more companies are finding that…

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