White Label VoIP Reseller Programs:  Fact vs Fiction

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“White Label” VoIP partner programs are everywhere.   As advertised, they offer a relatively easy, low-cost way for companies to profit from the growing VoIP market.  Companies with an IP business customer base are enticed to grow their business by adding voice to their existing product mix.  The wholesale providers can make it sound so easy. …

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Robocall Mitigation Plans for STIR/SHAKEN Compliance

close up headset of call center and VOIP communication with futuristic virtual icon telecommunication technology on office table in monitoring room for network operation job concept

When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) set new rules regarding STIR/SHAKEN call authentication, it meant big changes for voice service providers both in and outside the United States. These new rules focused on reducing unwanted and illegal robocalls, and companies either needed to be compliant or have a robocall mitigation plan in place. Unfortunately, implementing…

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